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„მეფე ხეიბარი“ – ,,Crippled King’

„მეფე ხეიბარი“ – ,,Crippled King’
Leaders school

On December 5, 2017 with the initiative of Youth Center at the cafe ,,Rvas+1” there was held screening of the documentary film ,,Crippled King”. The discussion focused on the rights of people with disabilities. The aim of the meeting was to change stereotypical attitudes towards integration of people with disabilities. Parents of children with disabilities, teachers, experts participated in the discussion. Discussion focused on the changes which were implemented within the year regarding rights of the persons with disabilities. Participants talked about problems connected with education of children with disabilities at schools as well as integration issues. At the end of the discussion parents expressed desire to hold screening of the film ,,Crippled King” at the schools because it is important to raise awareness about importance of integration of people with disabilities. The event was held within ,,Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness’’ program (PITA) which is implemented by UNAG, financial support USAID. Partner organization of the project Young Pedagogues’ Union.

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