In 2 July, 2009 there was organized exhibition of products produced by students’ company “Guruli Liderebi 2” in the office of Young Pedagogues’ Union. At this time students presented for selling Gurian Kabalakhi and Copes.

Students’ company “Guruli Liderebi 2” was established in January, 2009 in the economists club of the Leadership school. Students of the club are members of the company at the same time. The company elected its president _ Giorgi Giorgadze, conducted marketing research for selecting product, produced goods and presented them to society for selling. The exhibition was very interesting for audience: there were sold every “Copes” produced by the company and 2 “Kabalakhis”. So, if you would like to bay Kabalakhi, please contact us. We hope that our product will satisfy your desire. Please, see clip, prepared by “Guruli Liderebi 2” about done activities by students.

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