It is about one year that in the bases of the Young Pedagogues’ Union the Shelter for Senior Citizens is functioning.

On 18 June, 2013 the students of the Leadership School of the YPU organized meeting with the beneficiaries of the Shelter for getting closer to them and played the play “Equality”. The play is interactive and is about gender equality. At the end of the play discussion was organized about the problems displayed in the play. The beneficiaries of the Shelter were very actively involved in the discussion; as they admitted, situations described in the play were very real for the society and exactly women are money generators in the family today; there are not much left but to go abroad for looking for a peace of bread. Elders also spoke about the problem regarding acknowledgement of boy as an only child of the family. Though, some of them think that girls are also very welcomed in the families.

The discussion was very interesting and every beneficiary had possibility to speak aloud about their ideas regarding the theme of the play.

At the end of the meeting guests were provided by cup of tea and cake.

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