On June 1, 2015, Young Pedagogues Union’s regional parliament (composed of student representatives from across the region) held an initiative to honor the International Day of Children’s Rights. The campaign was called “I am Roma,” and the goal was to popularize children’s rights, specifically rights of the minority Roma population living in Georgia. Promoting integration of ethnic minorities is an important part of promoting children’s rights.

Young Pedagogues Union and the regional parliament organized this action to be held in different locations across Georgia, including Tbilisi, Ozurgeti, Lanchxuti, and Chokhatauri. In all 4 of these locations, the action was held simultaneously, at the same time on June 1st.

The Leadership school supported the regional parliament by organizing the action in Tbilisi and Lanchxuti. The youth who were involved in the campaign made a flash mob/march walking through central streets of town and wearing traditional clothes of Roma’s. They were protesting discrimination of ethnic minorities’ children, their education, health, and other basic human rights. In the country, equality should be an essential value, and children’s rights under Article 2 protect children from all forms of discrimination, skin, race, ethnicity and social status.

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