In 2015 from April-May the organization “Young Pedagogues’ Union” carried out research. The aim was to determine the availability of drinking water for pupils in schools. The research question was whether laboratory testing is conducted by school administrations to determine water drinkability during the current academic year.

The geography of the Ozurgeti Municipal included 42 public schools. The following methodologies were used during the research such as: working documents (requested public information), focus groups and observation.

The survey revealed the following facts:

  • The water supply system is different – 38% of schools have water from the central water supply system, 50%  wells , while 12% – bored wells.
  • 29% of schools with technical water, and 5% of the water is not.
  • Schools with 88% of respondents replied that “they have a drink of water, but the water did not laboratory check”. (Laboratory tests because of a lack of conclusion as the administration of small budget).

“Young Teachers’ Union and the Leadership School students conducted several activities, for solving this problem. Particular:

  • Presentation of the research report;
  • Talk show, which aired on Georgian regional TV network;
  • Produced the documentary film “Gios (scavla) sckuria”[Gio is Thirsty], which was also distributed by a network of regional TV stations.
  • The legislation was implemented on legal expertise;
  • Was sent letters to public officials including: Public Defender’s Office, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Municipal Board and the other.

2015 On June 25, we received a response from the Municipal Board.

Here is provided an excerpt from the letter: “Our entity” Municipal Public Health Center “will be informed by all the school facilities and the 2015-2016 academic year, they will begin to monitor the implementation of drinking water for laboratory tests. In addition, in 2015, provided for the construction of water supply system in the village Jumati. In 2015 the small town water supply system was designed and construction is slated in Laituri for 2016. All these measures will enable us to control the quality of the water. ”

“Young Teachers’ Union will continue to monitor this issue.

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