On June10, 2016 in Betsi Hotel Tbilisi presentation of the Study of the Practice of Regional Councils of the Guardianship and Care Agency was held.
The study was conducted by Non-commercial organization ,,Young Pedagogues’ Union’’ with partnership of ,,Institute of Social Studies and Analysis’’. The goal of the study was to analyze effectiveness of guardianship and care regional councils, as one of the important links in children’s welfare system. With its functions defined by legislation, Regional Councils are responsible for determining forms of aid for different target groups and making decisions about appropriate interventions.
The study was conducted using the qualitative research method – focus group as well as qualitative analysis of the cases discussed in the protocols of regional councils of Tbilisi, Kakheti and Imereti.
Chairperson of the ,,Young Pedagogues’ Union’’, Marina Topuria greeted participants of the event by introducing them the goals of the study and phases of implementation.
Results of the study were presented by Professor of Sociology, Iago Kachkachishvili and Master of Social Work, Nelly Akobia.
Participants of the meeting were from governmental structures and non-governmental organizations, as well as UNICEF and Public Defender Office. After the presentation discussion was held. During the discussion participants expressed their opinions about study results and recommendations. The discussion was facilitated by manager of Social direction (component) of the organization ,,Young Pedagogues’ Union’’, Salome Chichinadze.

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