November 20 is world day for prevention of abuse and violence against children. With the

initiation of Youth Centre, the day was celebrated with street march. In the central streets of

the town, young people performed flash mob. Participants protested against child abuse and

reminded adults that children had their rights too!

By the end of the protest march, participants screening of the movie ,,All the Invisible

Children’’. the films units different films where there are reflected problem of abuse and

violence against children, where they are involved in difficult labor, are begging for money in

the streets, take part in armed struggles and etc.

After the film, young people talked about and remembered the similar stories. Young people

believe that every child must be protected from the violence.

The event was implemented within ,,Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness’’

program (PITA) which is implemented by UNAG, financial support USAID. Partner

organization of the project Young Pedagogues’ Union.

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