On December 14, 2016 in the office of Young Pedagogues’ Union there was organized working

meeting of advocacy campaign ,,Integration and socialization of Roma’’.

Before the meeting, there was conducted needs assessment by childcare specialist of Young

Pedagogues’ Union with invited expert in minority issues of European Centre.

The results of the evaluation was presented to the working group. The participants of the

discussion emphasized the importance of coordinative work of government structures in

protecting rights of Roma children. Specifically, the municipality is ready to guarantee visit of

youth and children’s centre member in social housing for the specific time, in order she/he

provide Roma children Georgian language lessons – in library room. Union of kindergartens and

public school representatives are ready to get Roma children in their institutions and to work in

this direction.

The participants of the meeting stated, that in this process, Social Service Agency plays very

important role which should evaluate conditions of Roma children’s families in order to identify

the needs based on which there will be planned and implemented relevant activities. In this

process, every link of the organization will take part in coordinating process.

It is very essential that the representatives of Ozurgety municipality, public defender’s Guria

office, police, educational Resource Centre, public schools, European Centre for Ethnic

Minorities and NGOs are actively involved in this process.

The meeting was organized within ,,Promoting Integration, Tolerance and Awareness’’ program

(PITA) which is implemented by UNAG, financial support USAID. Partner organization of the

project Young Pedagogues’ Union.

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