On 2 February, 2013 the students of the Leadership School of the Young Pedagogues’ Union typed new TV talk-shop with rubric “I Demand a Word”.

The theme of the talk-show was “Child and Politic” and member of the Georgian Parliament _ Mr. Zviad Kvachantiradze, one of the leader of regional leader of the political party “Georgian Dream” _ Mr. Shota Gogiberidze, Ozurgeti municipality governor _ Mr. Kote Sharashenidze, the head of the Ozurgeti Educational Resource Center _ Ms. Irina Inaridze, directors of the village Melekeduri and village Meria _ Ms. Natela Tokhadze and Mr. Avtandil Kechagmadze and lawyer _ Mr. Kakha Chavleshvili attended the discussion.

Audio version of the talk-show is available only in Georgian.

The guests, together with the young adults spoke about level of involvement of children in politics and remembered facts of abrogation of children’s rights during pre-election period. Invited guests stated that tendency of using as a décor child in pre-election period is very bad tendency and admitted that the same facts will never happen in the future again. At the end of the talk-show debates took place between member of the Parliament and students about various themes. They spoke about the politic in where children are involved and consider students’ self-government body as one of the way to implement this type of politic.

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