Partner Organization: Breath Georgia and the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, 2008.

The goal of the project: To provide a family environment for former students of the Ozurgeti School-Shelter. Children were placed in the Small Group Home when it was impossible to place them in a familial home. The home ensures care for the children in a family environment, and provides the necessary skills for development and socialization. The target group of the Small Group Home is young adults up to 18, whose biological families do not exist or have very low social functioning skills. 8 children from the following target group were selected based on evaluations and recommendations given by social workers from the Ministry of Education and Science. The organization was one of the first organizations in Georgia to create standards for Small Group Homes targeting homeless children. The Small Group Homes is still operating and has been managed by our organization since 2008.

Our organization was one of the first organizations establishing small group home standards in Georgia. Beginning in 2008, and currently operating today, our small group home is managed and administered by our organization. Children of the SGH often have excursions, attend trainings, and attend and learn in various non-formal clubs;

• Museum of Dumbadze in the Chokhatauri municipality;
• Djikheti Nunnery in the Lanchkhuti municipality;
• Gelati temple in Kutaisi;
• Bagrati temple in Kutaisi;
• Museum of Dadiani’s in Zugdidi.

• Advocacy;
• Personal Development Course for youth:
o Culture of relationships;
o Recognition and Art;
o Employment and business skills;
o Self-employment and entrepreneurship.
• Communication;
• Within a summer school program: Children’s rights (freedom of speech and expression. Violence on children), in Batumi;
• Photo art course in Germany.

Non–formal clubs:
• The Leadership school (journalism and Karl Popper debate clubs);
• Theatratical studio (vocal and speech clubs);
• Art schools;
• English language club;
• Football club.

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