The student newspaper “Rvas +1” was established in 1997.

The newspaper publishes 500 copies of each newspaper issued and is distributed for free.

Since 1997, 36 newspaper issues have been published.

The articles reflect ideas of the youth and focus on issues for discussion and critical analysis. Topics include: What is the bases for democracy in school; Is self-government the most democratic way of governing; The correct choice of an independent person; Enforcement of the involvement of youth in the election process; Problems existing in public schools: methods to strengthen discipline in schools and the results of this process; How control and supervision are necessary for a complete school process; changes in the current educational system; and more.

Within the publications, article topics include:

  • If swearing is an answer to the problem, a donkey should be the talent
  • Modern youth are irritated by over rigid requirements
  • Listen, who have ears!
  • Deficit of electricity;
  • Economical crisis taking place in Georgia;
  • Problem of preserving Georgian traditions;
  • How are children’s rights defended in schools;
  • They are next to us or they are placed under the sun;
  • Dreams for my town: what are children in Ozurgeti dreaming about?;
  • Democracy or pseudo-democracy?;
  • Deficit of drinking water;
  • “Double standard”… “Deficit of love”… or any name you like;
  • Let’s save us from the “novelties!”
  • If we behave well, bad man won’t come and take us!”
  • Is it treason to speak about problems?

In the newspaper we also publish the ideas and views of various experts, interviews, and pres-releases of activities done in the Leadership school.

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