Regional Parliament

In a bases of the “Young Pedagogues’ Union” Since 2007 there are functioning Guria regional Parliament of Students. Members of the Parliament are chairmen of students’ self-governments of Gurian schools and there is signed memorandum about cooperation by the members, which foresees:

  • Coordination of work done by students’ self-governments, sharing information and experiences;
  • Raise problematic issues generalized in Gurian schools to the municipal government;
  • Develop recommendations for school directors.

For raising awareness of the members of the parliament, there are provided information about following themes:

  • Functions of students’ self-governments;
  • Functions of local self-governments;
  • Advocacy;
  • Project development;
  • Personal development course;
  • Team working;
  • Leadership, communication;
  • Defend children’s rights;

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