Interactive (forum) Theatre

Goal: To display social problems and conflict situations existing in Georgia and to involve society in the problem solving process when addressing these issues.

The Leadership School students are participating and studying in the interactive theater. They are actively involved in the process of selecting themes for the play and preparing scenario.

Plays performed by the Interactive Theatre include:

  1. “The chain of cues or it has no sense” Effective functioning of the student governments (apathy among students toward the student government body, attitude of school administration and the local government toward active students, apathy of parents etc);
  2. “The last ring of a bell or just name it as you like” The relationship problems between students and teachers in schools. Examples of emotional violence perpetrated by teachers against students. This situation negatively influence children’s development.
  3. “The tragedy without a hero #…” The play was dedicated situations of abrogation of children’s rights by families with social and economic problems. Adequate services for solving these children’s problems and satisfying their needs does not exist.
  4. “Often Justice is injustice” – The play is dedicated to problems of the disabled young adults.

Every play displayed the negative results which accompany the abovementioned problems.

It was very interesting for society to receive information about the problems in such a way. After the performances discussions were organized discussions and different ages within the audience were able to discuss the problem and propose their own solutions.

35 performances were organized by the Interactive Theatre.

About 1,575 people attended.

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