TV discussions and talk-shows:

TV discussions with the rubrics: “Stereotypes and Progress” and “I Demand a Word” is the only talk-show prepared by students in Guria region. The discussions are broadcasted by local TV Channel “Guria TV”.

The students select the themes of the talk-show by themselves and since the beginning there are prepared and broadcasted 19 talk-shows on the following themes:
• Preserve clines of Georgian language;
• Ecology;
• School education;
• Children’s rights;
• Migration;
• Water supply and light in the town;
• Trafficking;
• Popularization of idea of election and importance of each voters;
• Discussion about students’ code;
• Discussion about quality of functioning of students’ self-government;
• Relationship of teachers and students in public schools;
• I demand a word _about inclusive education;
• Problems of careless children in Georgia _ insufficient social services;
• Talk-show about security guards in public schools;
• Importance of civil education in schools;
• Importance of book in life of teenagers;
• Who is the leader;
• “Young generation knows about everything best;
• Violence among young adults.

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