Schools’ Democratization Component
The goal of the component is: Support in creation school environment which is oriented on students’ needs in 35 schools of Guria and Adjaria regions.
The tasks of the components:
I task: Processes ongoing in schools are evaluated by close participation with stakeholders and recommendations developed are foreseen by relevant decision makers.
II task: Management system in schools is flexible and its structural units are working effectively.

So, for solving I task the component permanently monitors reform take place in common education; the component organized following monitoring projects for this purpose:
2009-2010 _ legal monitoring of 15 Gurian public schools;
2010-2011 _ legal monitoring of 10 Adjarian and Gurian public schools.
The results of the monitoring were reflected in the published reports.

According to the II task we offer to target schools:
Support in forming democratic and transparent school management system oriented on students by active participating of parents and students in decision making process; so, all this includes:
• Development of students’ self-government;
• Support in readiness for accreditation process of the school;
• Develop long-term strategic plans and one-year operational plans;
• Development of structural units of the school (tutorial board, discipline comities);
• Increase number of funded projects;
• Community mobilizing for needs of schools;
• Internal monitoring of school by school administration;
• Networking through partner schools.

Our trainings and seminars:
1. Project development and fundraising;
2. Advocacy, lobbing;
3. Strategic planning in schools;
4. Operational plans in schools;
5. Training for information managers of schools;
6. Functions of tutorial board members;
7. Monitoring and evaluation’
8. Discipline comities in schools.

The member of the component developed and published following guidelines for public schools’ administrations:
• Self-evaluation of public school;
• Discipline committees of public schools;
• Internal control of the school;
• Guideline for developing school bylaw.

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