Carl Popper Debate-club


  1. Develop skills to argue and defend the student’s ideas and opinions; express their ideas freely, see problems from a different perspective, think logically, find needed information, make presentations, and engage in discussions ext.
  2. Form skills to rationally use time;
  3. Get familiarized with the Convention on the Rights of the Child and prepare interactive and situational tasks on this theme.

Since 2000, the Karl Popper debate club in the Leadership school has been functioning. Students of the club learn about various formats of the debates: Karl Popper debates, political, public, and constructive debates.

The Leadership school debate club participates in national and regional tournaments and in various meetings.

Since establishment of the club debates on following resolutions have been conducted:

  • The government has to defend children from violence;
  • The government has to care about the environment;
  • The government has to provide free media;
  • Execution is unjustifiable;
  • Every child has the right to grow-up in a family;
  • The government has to provide education for all children;
  • The government has to provide safety for every citizen;
  • Every child has to receive education in an environment satisfying all modern standards;
  • The existing care institutions for orphans and neglected children in Georgia in unjustifiable;
  • The local government has to provide drinking water in public schools;
  • Censorship of the mass media is unjustified;
  • Inclusive education for disabled students is necessary;
  • There are ongoing democratic processes in Georgia;
  • Human rights have to be defended in Georgia;
  • Globalization is a positive process;
  • New examination system will raise the quality of exams;
  • The education reforms taking place in Georgia is being implemened successfully;
  • In conflict situations both sides are equally guilty;
  • Parents have to be actively involved in school life;
  • Gender equality is justified.
  • The system of Jurymen are justified.

About 100 debater students participated in the debates.

About 800 people attended the debates.

Debaters of the club have won:

  1. II prize in the National Tournament of the Karl Popper debates, 2002;
  2. I prize in Guria Regional Tournament in political debates, 2004;
  3. I prize at the district level tournament in the Karl Popper debates;
  4. Semi-finalist of the National Tournament in the Karl Popper debates, 2005;
  5. III prize for the best top-speakers of the National Tournament of the Karl Popper debates, 2005;
  6. Winner of the friendly games (with Chokhatauri #1 public school, Village Meria public school, Ozurgeti municipality, Village Melekeduri public school, Ozurgeti municipality), 2008-2009.

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