Projects individually implemented by the Young Pedagogues’ Union:

1. From Pitcher to Computer~

Partner Organization: Open Society Georgia Foundation, 1997

The goal of the project: To establish a cultural-intellectual center at the offices of the organization (Today it is named the “Leadership School“). Former students of the Ozurgeti School-Shelter were integrated into the Leadership School.

2. Other’s Children

Partner Organization: Open Society Georgia Foundation, 1998

The goal of the project: To equip the students’ cultural- intellectual center with necessary inventory. The goal was also to integrate socially unprotected children, students of the Ozurgeti school-shelter, and disabled children into the cultural center and to popularize themes for integration into society.

3. Twenty-first Century Meets the Twenty-first Century!

Partner Organization: Center for Democratic Development and Research of Georgia, within the program of the Dutch foundation NOVIB, 2001

The goal of the project:

  • Cycle of excursion for Leadership school students (with special educational needs and typical children) for getting to know Georgian temples;
  • TV discussion prepared by students:
  1. define rights of students;

b. Ozurgeti will be left without professionals in the future.

4. The Future Generation Says!!!

Partner Organization: Urban Institute, 2002

The goal of the project: The establishment of a TV talk show with the theme “I demand a word!.” The TV show sought to develop critical thinking and civic skills among students. Three TV discussions between young adults and the local self-government were conducted and were broadcasted by “TV Guria” (local TV channel).

The themes of the discussion were:

  1. Deficit of drinking water existing in town;
  2. Deficit of electricity;
  3. Annual report of Ozurgeti municipality Mayer and discussion with social government officials.

5. Town through the eyes of Adolescents

Partner Organization: Urban Institute, 2003

The goal of the project: To implement a advocacy campaign by young adults living in the Ozurgeti municipality. The students lobbied social issues existing in town by organizing an exhibition.

6. Today it is Worthwhile to Use our Own Voices

Partner Organization: Urbane Institute, 2003

The goal of the project: To popularize the Parliamentary Election of 2003.

About 20 young adults (some with special educational needs met with fellow citizens and convinced them of the importance of voting. The young adults also created a social clip and poster with various massages on the theme.

7Adolescents: Guarding the Rights of Teens

Partner Organization: IRIS Georgia, 2004

The goal of the project: To popularize and explain children’s rights by showing debates, informational seminars, documentary films, social clips, photo exhibitions, and a interpretation and reproduction of literature and art.

Even though the project was limited to the popularization of children’s rights, during the implementation process of the project, the students also included a advocacy component and achieved the following outcomes:

  • A personal exhibition of a disabled child, Ucha Mikatadze was organized in the Ozurgeti Art Gallery;
  • A vacation for 4 disabled children in Ureki was organized;
  • The person health care history for each disabled children was determined and the information was sent to a famous European clinic so that rehabilitation plans for these children could be created. The organization is going to continue defending the health rights of these type of children;
  • The town’s infrastructure for government buildings were renovated and the needs of disabled people were taken into consideration;
  • In the municipal budget for 2005 changes were made. Within the budget the families of 64 disabled underage children were given free water and sewage services;
  • In the municipal budget for 2005 203 disabled children received money for a one time assistance;
  • According to the information provided by the educational trade-union, one time assistance was distributed to 140 socially unprotected children from the municipal budget for 2005 (in May, 2005).

8. Ancestors and Descendants who Protected Children’s Rights

Partner Organization: IRIS Georgia, 2005

The goal of the project: To explain and popularize children’s right in society and among young adults by using and interpreting famous reproductions of national literature and art. Young adults participated in this process. The process also involved the integration of children from socially unprotected families by involving them in various clubs of the Leadership School of Ozurgeti at the offices of the Young Pedagogues’ Union.

  • The local government of the municipality recognized the educational system is a priority. So, in 2006, the government provided funds in municipal budgets of Ozurgeti, Lanchkhuti, and Chokhatauri for the rehabilitation of the materials and technical bases in public schools.
  • The organization became a member of the network “Charity-Humanitarian Center SOCO” (2003-2005). Parents of 15 disabled children made statements in support and of the organization’s possibilities. For example, 13 years old Marina Udjmadjuridze, living in the village Erketi, Chokhatauri municipality; 14 years old Nana Makharadze and Anri Mamaladze living in the village of Chaisubani, Chokhatauri municipality, were sent for a 10 day rehabilitation session in the Tbilisi Balneology Hospital; 10 years old Gocha Sikharulidze living in the village Gogolesubani, Chokhatauri municipality was sent to Tbilisi “Mothers and Children Center” for cardiologic research; and Akaki and Gocha Deduchava’s were provided with “Karbamezin” medicine.
  • After mediation between the organization and the local government, the local government transferred funds to cover Mishiko Sikharulidze surgery, a student of the organization’s Theatric Studio, to one of the clinics in Tbilisi.
  • A 15 years old boy living in one of the room of the Ozurgeti Central Hospital was provided a living space after mediation of the organization with the local government;
  • Through the First Lady of Georgia, documentary films made by the organization were shown to the Georgian President and so, during one of the meeting with the local government officials he demanded the local government solve all the problems that took place in the films.

9. Improve the Infrastructure in the Kokhnari (Chokhatauri municipality) School-Shelter for Children with Special Needs

Partner Organization: German Embassy in Georgia, 2004

The goal of the project: To renovate and partly equip bedrooms of the school-shelter with inventory.

(The project was prepared and presented by the Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union, renovation works were conducted by the administration of the school-shelter)

10. Let’s Help Others!

Partner Organization: Disney Foundation, 2005

The goal of the project: To organize the square in the Kokhnari school-shelter for disabled students.

11. Organize a Sunday School Yard

Partner Organization: Disney Foundation, 2006

The goal of the project: To organize the yard of the Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union and create a clean, organized environment. At the completion of the project, a well organized yard for the Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union was created

16. Let’s Live Together!

Partner Organization: American Peace Corps in Georgia, 2006

The goal of the project: To organize a summer school for students of the Leadership school and the Ozurgeti School-Shelter. Excursions to see historical sites were organized and interactive lessons about children’s rights were created.

19. Active Students and Active Parents in the Educational System

Partner Organization: EED Foundation”, 2006-2007

The goals of the project:

a. Create a democratic and transparent educational system oriented on students’ needs;

b. To support participation of parents and students in school management.

Partner schools: Ozurgeti #1, #2, #3, #4, #5; Chokhatauri #1 and village Chaisubani; and Lanchkhuti #1, #2 and #3 public schools.

12. Organize an Internet Cafe and Library of for Sunday school

Partner Organization: German Embassy in Georgia, 2007

The goal of the project: To create a German and English language library and internet-club, equip it with necessary inventory, and start a library program for socially unprotected children.

13. Self Governments: the Most Democratic Form of Governing

Partner Organization: Urban Institute, 2007

The goal of the project: To popularize the idea of self-government and conduct discussions with Urban Institute experts and Student government members of the Leadership School. To fill the informational vacuum on following themes and present ideas the opinion of Ilia Chanchavadze about student governments to the community. As a result of this project, a discussion on the above stated themes was organized. Ozurgeti community representatives from government and non-government organizations, the community, the press, experts, and young adults participated in the discussion.

14. Let’s Learn to Live Together

Partner Organization: The World Bank, 2007

The goal of the project: To popularize the idea of reintegration for invalid children into schools; and integration of 30% of the invalid children into Ozurgeti public schools in 2007.  As a resilt of the project. 64 children living in the town of Ozurgeti were researched and individual educational and development plans were prepared. After research was completed, a massage project was prepared, lobbied for in the local government and funded in the local municipal budget of Ozurgeti for 2007 (10 000 GEL). Also, 3 children were integrated into public schools and 12 children now receive home schooling, family taught education.

15. From School- Shelter to School!

Partner organization: Embassy of United States of America in Georgia, 2007

The goal of the project: To enhance the social protection structures at the local level, and improve their management principles to reduce the number of socially unprotected children living in institutions. As a result of this project, bio-socio research of the Ozurgeti School Shelter students was organized. After the research was completed only 16 children were found to be from unreliable and unsuitable families. The Georgian Ministry of Education closed the School-Shelter based on our monitoring results and made the Ozurgeti #4 public school. In order to assist the children’s family in the process of reintegrating the children back into their biological families, the government paid 60 GEL as allowance in the first stage and after time increased it to 90 GEL monthly. Only 6 children from 16 were placed in the Ozurgeti Small Group Home, which is managed by our organization. Parents of other children categorically refused to leave their children in such kind of institution. The government, even now, has no legislation that can force an unfit parent to relinquish their rights and place the children in a small group home.

17. Tutorial Board’s are Equipped with Necessary Skills: The Guarantee for School Democratization

Partner organization: American Peace Corps in Georgia, 2007

The goal of the project: Support institutional development of 10 public school in the Guria region: Ozurgeti #1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Lanchkhuti #1, 2, 3; Chokhatauri #1, 2 public schools; and equip the tutorial boards of these schools with necessary skills. As a result of this project, trainings were conducted for beneficiaries of the above mentioned schools. Trainings included methods for self evaluating schools, and the functions of tutorial boards and administrations

18. Rehabilitation of School Toilets

Partner Organization: “German Embassy in Georgia, 2007

The goal of the project: To remodel toilets in the following public schools:  Shemokmedi and Meria (villages of the Ozurgeti municipality), and the Chaisubani public school (village of the Chokhatauri municipality). As a result of this project, the toilets were remodeled in the school buildings. (The schools, together with the Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union prepared the project. The project was implemented by schools’ administrations.)

20. Rehabilitation of a Vocational Center for Students

Partner Organization: Japan Embassy in Azerbaijan, consulate in Georgia, 2007

The goal of the project: To remodel additional space in the organization to allow children with special needs to engage in vocational studies.

21. Providing Children with School Supplies

Partner Organization: Breath Georgia, 2007

The goal of the project: Provide school supplies to 19 homeless children living in the town of Ozurgeti town (book bags, full set of school books, note books, pens, and pencils).

22. One-time Humanitarian Assistance for Refugees

Partner Organization: Breath Georgia, 2008

The goal of the project: Provide clothes to children, age newborn to 3 years old, from temporary displaced families from the Kartli region. As a result of this project, 24 children were provided with new clothes sent from the Netherlands.

23. Our Home: Ozurgeti Small Group Home

Partner Organization: Breath Georgia and the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science, 2008.

The goal of the project: To provide a family environment for former students of the Ozurgeti School-Shelter. Children were placed in the Small Group Home when it was impossible to place them in a familial home. The home ensures care for the children in a family environment, and provides the necessary skills for development and socialization. The target group of the Small Group Home is young adults up to 18, whose biological families do not exist or have very low social functioning skills. 8 children from the following target group were selected based on evaluations and recommendations given by social workers from the Ministry of Education and Science. The organization was one of the first organizations in Georgia to create standards for Small Group Homes targeting homeless children. The Small Group Homes is still operating and has been managed by our organization since 2008.

24. Student Governments: the Guarantee for Democratization in School

Partner Organization: Open Society Georgia Foundation, 2008

The goal of the project: To educate students in Guria regional public schools about issues related to student governments and motivate their interest in participating in student government and to motivate students to take part in activities conducted by these bodies.

25. Let’s Change Ourselves and Change our Children for a Better Future

Partner Organization: EED Foundation, 2008

The goal of the project: Improve the social conditions of children living in the Guria region and help develop young adult’s creative- intellectual potential by setting into practice effective mechanisms of democratic principles; defending their civic interests; and supporting the effective implementation of education reforms in schools. As a result of this project, 330 beneficiaries were research and using a complete evaluation form which was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science in Georgia and the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Defense of Georgia, beneficiaries received individual development plans. Beneficiaries included social unprotected families. Evaluations included bio-psycho-social evaluation and the development plans were individually tailored based on the displayed needs of each beneficiary. After the research was completed many needs were displayed and after analyzing those needs, s package of social programs was developed and presented to the Ozurgeti municipality government. The entire amount of the programs was 57,701 GEL;

  1. A program supporting students with social and economic problems that developed skills and talents (49 children, 5095.00 GEL) ;
  2. A program supporting families with social and economic problems that helped families to develop their own farm (21 families, 7067.00 GEL);
  3. A program to provide living space for homeless people (11 families, 12100.00 GEL);
  4. A program to provide funds for health research for children with social and economic problems (6 children, 60.00 Gel);
  5. A program to provide funds for surgeries and medicines for children with social and economic problems (13 children, 3319.00 GEL for medicine; 5 children, 11850.00 GEL for surgeries);
  6. A program to renovate living space for children with social and economic problems (14 families, 16210.00 GEL);
  7. A program to provide funds for medical research that would give the government status of disabled for disabled children (16 children, 2000.00 GEL).

26. Legal Monitoring of Guria (Ozurgeti, Chokhatauri, Lanchkhuti) and Adjara (Kobuleti) Regional Public Schools

Partner Organizations: Eurasia Partnership foundation, US Embassy in Georgia, 2009-2010

The goal of the project: To monitor the execution, efficiency, and effectiveness of the legislative base of public schools in Gurian schools. The organization sought to create a sustainable instrument for civil monitoring with wide participation by civil society so that researching school issues in Guria and Adjara regions could be completed. The organization involved representatives of the mass media, community, and other civil organizations in the monitoring process. During 2009-2010 the organization implemented legal monitoring of the educational system in Guria (Ozurgeti, Ckhokhatauri and Lanchlhumi municipalities) and Adjara (Kobuleti municipality). The main goal of the monitoring was to support the formation of civil society and development of democratic governance in schools.  Within the project, civil group were established, who then implemented legal monitoring in the abovementioned 20 public schools. Their goals was to clearing determine for the community how school structures perform their legal functions. After 2 years of work, the group prepared a monitoring report. In the report, gaps and positive aspects in schools were described and procedures for internal acts of schools were considered. As the monitoring process showed, problems executing the Georgian Law About Common Education exist. During research, the reasons for the problems were displayed, which have to be researched more thoroughly and qualitatively. We think that it is necessary to continue monitoring the effectiveness within educational reform.

27. Shelter for Senior Citizens.

Partner organization: Japan Embassy in Georgia, 2011.

The goal of the project: To provide a 24 hours shelter for 26-30 elderly citizens living in the Guria municipality. The shelter is currently in the process of rehabilitation and the program will start in 2012.

28. Technical Education Center

Partner Organization: American Peace Corps in Georgia, 2011-2012

The goal of the project: To provide vocational education and job training to socially unprotected children. Classes include: computer skill, farming, and beekeeping.

29. Social Services and School Democratization Development with Involvement of Youth

Partner Organization: EED, 2011-2014.

The goal of the project: To form (establish) a civil society. For this purpose, the organization has selected 2 spheres of intervention: the educational and social service spheres. The organization will establish a “Children and Parents Day Rehabilitation – Consultation-Educational Center in the offices of the organization which opened in September, 2011. The center serves socially unprotected families living in the Ozurgeti municipality (town and nearby villages) and helps underage children stay in these families; does psycho-social rehabilitation; and reduces social risks for these children and families.

Coalition Projects

1. Bulletin: Sarkmeli

Partner Organizations: The Center for Strategic Development and Research of Georgia and the Netherlands’ foundation NOVIB, 2002-2003.

2. Right to Education

Partner Organization: Horizonti, 2003

Guria Social Policy Initiative Group implemented the project together with the Young Pedagogues’ Union, which is a member of the group.

The goal of the project: To provide information to school beneficiaries and the community about the components of educational reform.

3. Every Child has a Right to Live in a Safe Environment

Partner Organization: Horizonti, 2004

Guria Social Policy Initiative Group implemented the project together with the Young Pedagogues’ Union, which is a member of the group.

The goal of the project: To equip parents of 15 Guria region schools with advocacy skills that provide them with skills to be more active in the schools and to conduct advocacy and lobby campaigns in the local government, to remodel school toilets. As a result of this project, 15 Gurian school bathrooms were remodeled and in some cases newly built toilets were installed.

4. Town awakens . . .or Water CAP-ut

Partner Organization: Save the Children, 2003-2004

Implementing Organizations: Young Scientists Club (the leader organization), Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union; Georgian Union for Democratic Development; Association for Children’s care; Child is a Future; Center for Budget Research

The goal of the project: To conduct a campaign to raise the civic awareness of citizens through their participation, activities, requirements, and mobilization of community actions to influence the government. Create precedents to defend civil interests. As a result of this project a new water provision system in Shemoqmedi, source-construction, and Anaseuli water reservoir was built.

5. Democratization of the educational system and financial transparency

Partner organization: Save the Children, 2003-2004

Implementing Organizations: International Institute of Educational Policy, Planning and Management, School-Family-Society, Professional Union (Labor Union) of Workers in Georgian Educational Sphere, Georgian teachers; Independent Professional Union Solidaroba, Parents and Teachers’ Association of Rustavi, Kakheti Regional Center of Educational Development, Regional Center of Samtskhe-Djavakheti Ertoba, the Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union, and the Business Center of Akhalkalaki.

The goal of the project: Increase the amount and quality of participation by civil society and interest groups in the process of educational reform; to make the educational system transparent, democratic, and rational; and finally to make managers of the educational system responsible toward interest groups.

6. Khasanbegura

Partner: This was the first coalition project financed by local resources (businessmen and local organizations), 2002 to 2006

The goals of the project:

  • To help society recognize the national importance of national traditions and folklore including national and folk songs;
  • To involve society and organizations in planning the cultural policy of the regions;
  • To popularize and preserve Gurian folk songs.

As a result of this project a group of 20 young adults (3 generations) was created and they studied 24 Gurian folk songs.

7. Education Must be Accessable for Every Child

Partner Organizaiton: Save the Children, 2008

Implementing Partners: The Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union and the Chokhatauri Youth Center Progress.

The goal of the project: In the Chokhatauri municipality, to support the integration of children with disabilities into society and to popularize the idea of their reintegration; and to set into practice a inclusion education program for children with special needs in public schools in the Chokhatauri municipality.  As a result of this project:

  • A database of disabled children living in the Chokhatauri municipality was developed based on the finding of compiled research;
  • 55 disabled children now have access to education though formal or non-formal learning;
  • Based on a list of the beneficiaries, social workers in the Chokhatauri municipality researched 17 new beneficiaries and raised the issue of including these children in the prevention program of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Affairs;
  • A support group for disabled children’s parents was created that allow parents to advocate and defend the rights of their children;
  • The Guria regional community has been informed about issues related to disabled children though a mass media and advocacy campaign;
  • In the Chokhatauri municipality 2009 budget, funds (11 640 GEL) were included to solve the problems of disabled children though the following sub-programs:
    • A program to provide special food for children ill with Phenilketonuria, 10 000 GEL;
    • An expert-psychiatrics from Tbilisi was invited to  evaluate these disabled children and if appropriate to determine whether the children were to be given the status of disabled and qualify for government assistance, 440 GEL;
    • A program to provide funds for textbooks for disabled children, 200 GEL.  

9. “Fight against Stigma and Discrimination related to Psychical Problems”

Partner Organizations: Foundation Global Initiatives in Psychiatry- Tbilisi, Georgian Ombudsman, Georgian Association for Psycho-Social Support- Ndoba, Georgian Association for Psychical Health, Association Anti-Stigma, Georgian Foundation for Development of Healthcare and Medicine, Union for Equal Rights- 2009, and the Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union.

The goal of the project: To increase knowledge and awareness in the community about people living with psychological problems and attitudes of Georgian toward this category of people in Georgia. Within the project a drawing action was organized, in which students of the Ozuregti Art School, the Leadership School, and other public schools participated. The wall of the Sport School was painted. Also, within the project a 1 minute clip: “Perceived Different,” which was broadcast on the Guria regional TV channel, was created.

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