The Leadership school

The goals:

  1. Support forming students living in Ozurgeti municipality as active citizens;
  2. Develop skills for critical thinking and making independently decision among young adults (marginal group representatives among them) through teaching them in various clubs of the Leadership school: journalism, Karl Popper debates, documentary filmmakers’ club, discussion, economics and business ethics, self-government, forum-theatre (interactive theatre) clubs.
  3. Moral-aesthetic education of young adults and popularization of those values by themselves;
  4. Popularization of children’s rights by organizing interactive plays and various types of events.

The Leadership school has:

    • Newspaper for students “Rvas +1”
    • TV programs with rubrics: a. Stereotypes and Progress; b. I Demand a Word!”
    • Documentary films and social clips “For Rights”
    • There are organized presentations and debates;
    • Economists club _ “Gurian Leaders” produces and sells Gurian flags, Gurian “Kabalakhis” and painted “Kopes”. Generated income is spent for charity reasons.
    • Periodically there are organized master classes and trainings by invited experts;
    • The Leadership school students are involved in advocacy and lobbing processes.

In the Leadership school there are studying students living in Ozurgeti municipality, VI-XII graders.  The lessons of the clubs are organized in the second part of the day and students are charged to pay 15 Gel per trimester as membership fee (money generated goes to implementation of social programs of the organization). Study is free of charge for students with social and economic problems, children of families with many children, refugees, disabled children.

Studying process in the Leadership school are organized based on syllabuses developed in advance. In the beginning of the academic year, there is organized focus-group meeting with the Leadership school students, where they have opportunity to determine themes of the academic year by themselves and based on this theme every club will develop activities, also, decision will be made about inviting expert for conducting trainings or master classes in the Leadership school. Master classes also are organized for other representatives of local society.

So, at the moment invited experts were organized master classes on following themes:

  • Ethno-conflicts _ expert Mr. Paata Zakareishvili;
  • Globalization _ professor of the Tbilisi State University, faculty of social-political sciences, doctor of political science _ Mr. Zurab Davitashvili.
  • “Leader of Ideology” and “Civil Values are Part of Georgia Culture” _ sociologist, professor of the Tbilisi State University, the head of the social science department _ Mr. Iago Kachkachishvili.
  • Role of Mass Media for Development of Democracy _ journalist Mr. Zviad Qoridze.

About 170 students and more then 200 local citizens attended the master classes.

Also, it must be admitted that the Leadership school students participated in various competitions:

  • The office of Georgian Ombudsman _ “Respect and Justices for Everyone”;
  • Institute of War and Peace;
  • Exhibition-forum about disability;
  • The office of Georgian Ombudsman _ “I –Ombudsman”;
  • Competition announced by the office of Georgian Ombudsman _ It is child’s thigh to be listened”.

The leadership school organized summer school two times:

I school in Bakuriani. The theme: children’s rights (children’s rights convention, mechanisms for defending rights, stereotypes). Invited experts _ lawyers of the office of Georgian Ombudsman: Ana Abashidze, Vakhushti Menabde (former Leadership school students), expert from the Center of Strategic Reseach and Development of Georgia _ Irina Bregvadze, journalist Ia antadze, Georgian Ombudsman Sozar Subari.

II School in Batumi, the theme _ Children’s rights (freedom of expression, violence on children).  Invited experts _ the Head of the children’s rights department of the office of Georgian Ombudsman Ana Arganashvili, lawyer Ana Abashidze, Editor of the newspaper “Batumelebi” Eter Turadze.

50 Students participated in the program.

Trainings and Seminars:

  • Conflict resolution;
  • Tolerance;
  • Stereotypes;
  • Discrimination;
  • Project development;
  • Advocacy;
  • Leadership and team working.

Personal Development course:

  1. Recognition and art (skills for learning, forms of learning)
  2. Art of communication (verbal communication, culture of listening, active listening, types of questions, written communication);


    • Advertising and networking;
    • Volunteering;
    • Children’s rights abuse.

About 250 students attended the trainings and seminars.

Periodically there are organized meetings and discussions as with government sector various departments as well: with the Ambassadors, Ombudsmen, representatives of international organizations, writers, journalists and various experts.  Also, there are organized lecture-seminars and various events: “About Janusz Korczak (there were considered life history), Importance of Georgian Language, Literature Court (according to the “Guest-Host” by Vazha Pshavela) and other.

There is also organized show of documentary and other films about children’s right abuse and discussions are followed as well.

Students of the Leadership schools have possibility to get familiarized with procedures of advocacy process: they research concrete problems and gather information about the themes, find legislation norms related to the issues, responsibilities of government officials. All this includes elements of monitoring as well.

Young adults also develop prevention plans, which is best practice for achieving results.

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