Children’s theater


    1. Popularize children’s rights;
    2. Display talented children and support their development;
    3. Integrate socially unprotected and disabled children in every club of the theatrical studio;
    4. Develop young adults based on moral-aesthetic values and popularize these values.

Since its establishment, the children’s theatre has provided its service to 1042 beneficiaries.

Spectacles, show-concerts and TV programs prepared by theatrical studio “Pepilota” include:

    1. “Pippy long stocking” after Astrid Lindgren, 1997;
    2. “Carlson” after Astrid Lindgren, 1998;
    3. New year concert, 21 September, 1999;
    4. Show-concert, 16 June, 1999;
    5. New year concert, 2000;
    6. Show-concert, 2000;
    7. The play after tales of I. Krilov, 2001;
    8. Charity concert (in the Ozurgeti Cinema-hall), 2001;
    9. Performance of  novels by  N. Dumbadze  “Kelekhi” and Exactly on 8 o’clock”;
    10. Show-concert, October, 2013;
    11. The play “We want to live”, “Two Orphans”, “Tragedy without a Hero”, 2004;
    12. Action-play “Town Awakes Early”, May, 2004;
    13. Literature-art event (O. Ioseliani), May, 2004;
    14. Show concert “Every Child has Right of Development”, 2004;
    15. Night of poetry, 2005;
    16. Musical-theatratical event “Colors of the Rainbow”, June, 2005;
    17. The play after L. Tolstoy “Buratino”, 2005;
    18. The play after Antuan De Sent Egzuperi “The Little Prince”, December, 2005;
    19. The play “Tale of the Mother Bee”, 2006;
    20. The play after N. Dumbadze “What is the Question of the Task?”, 2006;
    21. Concert (choreography, vocal, in the Ozurgeti cinema-hall), 2006;
    22. The play after O. Ioseliani “Tiny Tales”, 2007;
    23. The play after K. Buachidze “There’s  a Watch-dog in the Yard”, 2007;
    24. Concert: modern dances, 2007;
    25. The play “Chinchraqa”, 2008;
    26. The play after tales of I. Krilov, 2008;
    27. The play “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, 2008;
    28. Concert: modern dances, 2008;
    29. The play “ Nutcracker”, 2009;
    30. The literature-art event “I am the Person”, 2009;
    31. The play “Merry Pippins”, 2009;
    32. The play “The Sovereign Drowses”, 2010;
    33. The literature-art event “I am the Person”, 2010;
    34. The play “Adventure of Salamura” after A. Sulakauri, 2010;
    35. The play “Three Robbers”, 2011;
    36. The play “We want to live too”, 2011;
    37. The literature-art event “I am the Person”, 2011.

TV programs

  1. The first program was broadcast in 1998;
  2. The second program: children’s concert in 2000;
  3. The third program: children’s concert in 2001;
  4. The new years clip, 2004;
  5. “In the Pappy’s world”, (8 programs) in 2006-2007.


    • In 1997, at a national level event, for Georgian theaters, organized in Tbilisi, our play “Pippy long stocking” was awarded first place and received 4 diplomas. Also, the play won 10 various competitions. The producer of the play, Marina Topuria, was awarded for best producer;
    • In 1999 the firm “Ialoni” awarded the play “Pippy Long Stocking” as the best play of the year;
    • In 1999 one student from the theatrical studio Salome Mgeladze was awarded as a laureate in a national level competition for “Bells of Summer”, and in 2000 she was awarded 2nd prize in a national level competition for “Magic Voices”. In the same competition the students of the studio Salome Kobalava and Izi Mgeladze were awarded 1st prizes, and the Latin dance group of the Theatre “Djaif” was awarded a special diploma.
    • 1st place was given to the dancers of the studio, Mamuka Meqvabishvili and Salome Gogelia, by the National Council of Georgian professionals of dance and sport dances (according to the Latin-American program) in a International competition.

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