Rehabilitation-educational-consultation center

Strategic goal of the program: To support the formation of a civil society by setting into practice modern services in the educational and social spheres and effective mechanisms for defending citizens’ interests.

Concrete tasks include: Creating a Day-rehabilitation -consultation-educational center, which began in September, 2011 at the base office of the organization, The center provided services to socially unprotected underage children and their families living in the Ozurgeti municipality (town and nearby territory). The center seeks to assist these families in providing environments where children can remain in their biological families and undergo socio-psychological rehabilitation. This rehabilitation strengthens the possibilities of children and families and decreases their social risks.

Service package includes:

For children 5-18 years old:

1.1.  Bio-psycho-social evaluation of children made by the multidiscipline group (psychologist, social worker, special education teacher):

Based on the evaluation the following activities will be implemented:

  1. By a psychologist: individual and group services for psychological rehabilitation of the beneficiaries;
  2. By a social worker: mediation activities for the social rehabilitation of the beneficiaries; advocacy and lobbing on their behalf;
  3. By a special education teacher: develop individual educational plans for students with special educational needs; at home education if necessary.

1.2.  Support in a academic educational course according to the age of the beneficiaries:

  1. Technical subjects (math, physics and others);
  2. Humanitarian subjects (Georgian language, history, and others);
  3. Computer classes (Microsoft office and Internet).

1.3.  Civil education through non-formal educational clubs:

Within programs of the Leadership school:

  1. Journalism club;
  2. Debate-club;
  3. Discussion club;
  4. Documentary filmmakers’ club.

The young adults participate in publishing a newspaper for students, making documentary films and social clips, and creating TV talk-shows.

1.4.  Support in developing core competences according to a special course (40 hours):

  1. Communication;
  2. Recognition and art;
  3. Employment and business skills;
  4. Self-employment and entrepreneurship.

1.5.  Support in theoretical and practical bases in farming

Fields of farming:

  1. vine-growing;
  2. gardening;
  3. Bee-keeping;
  4. and others

1.6.  Support in the development of cultural-creative skills:

Within the theatratical studio program:

  1. Scene speech;
  2. Vocal;
  3. Interactive theater (Theatre-forum).

1.7.  Purposeful excursions and summer schools

About the following themes:

  1. Civil education (children’s rights, tolerance, ecology and other);
  2. Agriculture.
  1. For parents of the children aged 5-18 years old:

An education-consultation for parents was created to encourage parents to change the social environment in their families which will improve the relationship between children and their parents.

2.1. Consultations:

1.8.  By the multidisciplinary group (psychologist, social worker, special education teacher, based on bio-psycho-social evaluations of children and their parents):

  1. By the psychologist: individual and group service to beneficiaries for their psychological rehabilitation;
  2. By the social worker: advocacy, lobbing in various program for social rehabilitation of the beneficiaries;
  3. Juridical services: familiarize beneficiaries with state services and intermediary activities.

2.2. Educational trainings:

a. Stages of children’s development;

b. Results of violence made on children (emotional, psychological, sexual and neglecting basic needs of the child);

c. Management of the aggressive behavior;

d. Get social and functional skills for parents with antisocial and intellectual problems.

2.2. Support network for the abovementioned families

Support parents in their families with volunteers. Members of the organization, friends groups who will take responsibility to develop concrete families; planning the family activities, management, getting functional and social skills for family members, and helping parents to provide basic necessities in the home.

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