Goal of the Social Component:

Foresee interests of socially unprotected population living in Guria region (Ozurgeti and partly Chokhatauri municipalities) through central and local municipal government level for improving their welfare.

Social component research needs of homeless population living in Guria.

At the moment there are researched about 400 beneficiaries based on questionnaire agreed with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the Ministry of Labor Healthcare and Social affairs of Georgia.

Also, there was organized bio-psycho-social evaluation of beneficiaries and made individual development plans based on displayed needs. Researched beneficiaries are socially unprotected families.

After the research there were displayed needs; after analyzing those needs there developed package of the social programs for presenting to the Ozurgeti municipality. Total const of the program is 57701.00 Gel.

  • Programs to develop the talent and skills of socially unprotected children (49 children) 5 095 GEL;
  • Programs to develop a farm for families of socially unprotected children (21 families) 7 067 GEL;
  • Programs to provide living space to families of socially unprotected children (11 families) 12 100 GEL;
  • Programs to provide medical research and doctors’ consultations for socially unprotected children (6 children) 60 GEL;
  • Programs to provide surgery and medicines to socially unprotected children (for 5 children: surgery, for 13 children: medicines) 11850 GEL;
  • Programs to provide renovation work on houses for families of socially unprotected children (14 families) 16 210 GEL;
  • Programs to give status of invalid to socially unprotected invalid children (16 children) 1 500 GEL;

Periodically there are organized charity actions as humanitarian aid (gather food, household items, and funds for transportation or medical research for children). With close cooperation of charity foundation “Iavnana” there were bought 3 homes for families with many children; with close cooperation of foundation “Every Child” there were renovated living space for families with many children registered in the data base of the organization for socially unprotected families.

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