"Women in Science"

📌The public school in the village of Nagomri is implementing a project - "Women in Science", which aims to break the stereotypical thinking of adolescents in relation to gender by promoting stereotypical thinking in order to establish equality.
✅The project was funded within the framework of the micro-grants competition announced by the Young Teachers Union. (The project is financially supported by "Bread for the World").
🎯Within the project, the students, in consultation with teachers, sought information about Georgian women in science and prepared presentations about them. With this they are working on creating a board game on this issue. In order to prepare the board game, 4 meetings were planned and held. At the workshops, with the advice of the representatives of the organization, the idea of ​​the board game, the scenario were prepared, the responsibilities were redistributed. At this stage, drawings are already being created for the board game.📌