Volunteer program

I want to introduce you to Lasha Sulakvelidze, a "student of the school of leaders". Within the framework of the volunteering program, for two months, he actively carried out various activities in the kindergarten:
Lasha told kindergarten students interesting stories about emotions, after that they sculpted and colored figures associated with different emotions;
He organized a puppet theater and staged two plays - "Builders of the Village" and "The Sweetest and the Bitterest". The performance was followed by a discussion;
In order to learn gross and fine motor skills, as well as colors, he taught children to make handmade paper masks
As part of the next activity, Lasha brought the children masks they made with their own hands. The children had to impersonate their favorite character and choose the appropriate color for coloring
A volunteer program is being implemented
Within the framework of the project "For a better future", with the financial support of the German foundation "Bread for the World".
The purpose of the program is to pilot such activities that will contribute to gender socialization in educational institutions.