Project - "Women in Science"

Within the framework of the grant competition announced by the Young Pedagogues' Union, Nagomri Public School prepared and implemented a project - "Women in Science", in which a number of activities were carried out with the involvement of students, teachers and parents, including presentations on women Information about the achievements we have made thanks to female science.
It is important that within this project a board game was created - "The Adventures of Nano", which is a learning resource for school teachers. This resource will help stakeholders to discuss gender stereotypes in the community with young people and jointly work out ways to solve the problem.
On June 13, Nagomri Public School summarized the activities carried out within the project, as well as the presentation of a board game. It is noteworthy that the attending audience, with the involvement of students, teachers and parents, discussed the dilemmas presented in the created learning resource.
The activity was carried out within the framework of the project "For a Better Future", which is financially supported by "Brot Fur Die Welt".