A charity event

📢On January 7, 2021, a charity event was held on Christmas Day by the initiative of Leadership school students and the Home for the Elderly based in Young Pedagogues Union.
📌Due to the pandemic in the country, the elderly were not given the opportunity to celebrate Christmas, invited their relatives and friends, so to celebrate the holiday, they prepared Gurian pies, which were sent to relatives and friends living in the city of Ozurgeti.
📌The teenagers of the leaders' school of the organization also joined the charity action, who sent Gurian pies to St. Lonely elderly people and families with social problems (10 families in total) living in Ozurgeti, thus wishing them a Merry Christmas.
📣Christmas, as the biggest Christian holiday, is especially celebrated in Guria. On this day, Gurian pie is baked in every family. At Christmas, families traditionally celebrate with a lighted candle in the window, it is a symbol of the light of Christ that shines on everyone.
📎 The action was organized within the project "For Better Education" with the financial support of the organization "Bread for the World".