On March 2, a meeting was held within the framework of a small project competition for school initiatives with the participation of 17 public school principals and facilitators from Guria, Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti.
During the meeting, representatives of the Young Teachers Union introduced the competition regulations to the representatives of the partner public school and answered their questions. Individual consultation meetings were scheduled.
The purpose of setting up "idea and entrepreneurship labs" in public schools is to help children in the regions develop career management and entrepreneurship skills.
The trainings were conducted with the support of the European Union (EU) and Bread for the World (Brot) in the framework of the project "Skill Building and Innovative Employment Opportunities for Regional Development of Georgia", which is carried out by Georgia Strategic Studies and Development Center (CSRDG), together with the Young Teachers Union (YPU) and the Georgian Civic Development Association (GCDA).
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