Small Grants Competition

📌In the current year, in the competition of small grants announced by the "Union of Young Teachers", two of the organization's partner preschools and education institutions received funding: the N1 kindergarten of the village of Nigvziani of the Lanchkhuti municipality and the N1 kindergarten of the village of Laituri of the Ozurgeti municipality. The main goal of both projects was to promote the development of entrepreneurial skills among students of school readiness groups. The representatives of the educational institutions actively carried out the activities envisaged by the projects for 3 months, and in the month of July they summarized the implemented project and introduced the interested persons to the positive results that the mentioned projects brought, namely:
📍The project "Eco-friendly house in Nigvziani Kindergarten" was implemented in Nigvziani Kindergarten. Within the framework of the project, the educators created a model of the house together with the students, within the framework of the mentioned activity, attention was focused on such issues as: wood and its benefits, colors and their perception, geometric figures. The offered activities contributed to the development of students' literacy, quantitative concepts and motor skills. In the second stage of the project, the parents of the children were actively involved, who voluntarily contributed to the construction of a house identical to the model created by the children in the yard of the kindergarten. According to the assessment of the representatives of the kindergarten administration, the mentioned project helped to activate the parents and increase their motivation to get involved in the educational process of their children. The final presentation was attended by the representative of the Lanchkhuti Municipality Council and representatives of the "Lanchkhuti Preschool Educational Center" together with parents and community members.
📍The N1 Kindergarten of Laituri implemented the project - "We will save the Earth". Within the framework of the project, the children received information on such issues as raising seedlings and fertilizing seeds, plants and their importance, waste management. Within the framework of this, the children together with the teachers planted plants, looked after and observed their growth, and finally an exhibition and sale was held for the invited guests. In addition, a small brochure has been prepared on the steps taken, which may be used as a learning resource by other interested parties.
The activities were carried out within the framework of the project "For a better future" with the financial support of "Bread for the World".