The selection of partner public schools

The selection of partner public schools in Kvemo Kartli region has been completed. As a result of reviewing and interviewing the submitted applications, four schools were selected in the first phase of the project:
LEPL - Gumbati village public school of Tsalka municipality
LEPL - Vasil Barnov Tetritskaro Municipality, Kodi village public school
LEPL - Rustavi №21 Public School
LEPL - Levan Gotua Rustavi №17 Public School
The goal of establishing entrepreneurship and career development clubs in public schools is to help children living in the regions develop career management and entrepreneurship skills.
At the first stage of the competition, a total of 18 partner public schools were selected in Guria, Kvemo Kartli and Kakheti regions.
In the second phase of the current project, a qualifying competition for public schools from all three regions will be announced again.
The selection of partner schools was carried out with the support of the European Union (EU) and Bread for the World (Brot) within the framework of the project "Skill Building and Innovative Job Opportunities for Regional Development of Georgia" implemented by the Georgian Strategic Center for Research and Development (CSRDG), the Young Pedagogues Union (YPU) and the Georgian Civic Development Association (GCDA).
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