Three-day workshop

The Young Pedagogues' Union organized a three-day workshop for partner schools on "Preparing a Strategic School Plan".
The aim of this activity is for the partner schools, in particular, the representatives of Gurianta, Naruja, Kviriketi, Meria and Guturi schools to create a strategic development plan for their own schools.
During the three days, the representatives of the working group of the partner schools, in consultation with the representatives of the Young Pedagogues Union and also the director of the public school in the village of Shemokmedi, Nino Sadradze, created a framework document for the strategic development of the school.
It should be noted that the Creator Public School has been partnering with the Young Pedagogues Union for many years. Between institutions.
During the workshop, the school representatives developed the mission and vision of their own organizations, identified priority areas and created action plans. It should be noted that promoting the introduction of non-formal education was also a priority for school representatives.
At the working meeting, the representatives of the school together with the members of the organization summarized the work of the laboratories of ideas and entrepreneurship, and finally the action plan of the mentioned club was written. According to the participants, observations on the work of ideas and entrepreneurship laboratories gave them the impetus to further develop the work of non-formal education clubs on a school basis over the next 6 years.
The working meeting was held on June 9-12 in Kakheti.
☑️ A workshop was held in the framework of the project "For a Better Future" implemented by the "Young Pedagogues Union" and the project "Skills Development and Innovative Employment Opportunities for Regional Development of Georgia" implemented by the Georgian Center for Strategic Research and Development (CSRDG), the Young Teachers Union and Georgia Together with the Civic Development Association, in Guria, Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli regions.
📌 The project is financially supported by Brot fur die welt and the EU Delegation to Georgia. 🇪🇺🇩🇪