Lemon - room culture

📌 On July 7, in the region of Guria, the intermediate presentation of the project "Lemon - room culture" financed within the framework of the competition of small projects of school initiatives of the public school of the village of Guryanta of Ozurgeti Municipality named Teimuraz Chitadze was held.
🎯The goal of the project was to popularize the theme of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial skills among students on the example of lemon production as a houseplant.
✏️ The project was implemented by integrating the following subject disciplines: Georgian language and literature, biology, chemistry, mathematics, fine arts, history, citizenship, geography, foreign language and computer technologies.
Facilitated by the teachers of the above-mentioned subjects, the teenagers researched the history and distribution area of ​​citrus fruits, the history of lemon culture in Georgia and the tradition in the Gurianti community, safe ways to produce an ecologically clean product, ways to deal with pests and others, etc.
✅Within the project, in accordance with the educational principle of learning by doing, the students participated in the process of selecting the soil, the appropriate pot and cutting the seedlings. In order to develop recommendations, the teenagers were at the Agrarian University.
The project will continue during the next school year.
📍The school initiative was implemented with the financial support of the European Union (EU) and "Bread for the World" (Brot) projects "Skill Building and Innovative Job Opportunities for Regional Development of Georgia" and "For a Better Future". within the framework of which is carried out by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG), together with the Young Pedagogues' Union (YPU) and the Georgian Civic Development Association (GCDA).