In the organization’s Documentary Filmmakers’ Club, within the Leadership school, documentary films and social clips with rubric “For Rights” were prepared. The students, without assistance, develop the scenario, film the material and edit the final film. The students organize a presentation of the documentary films and social clips and are actively involved in advocating the problems displayed in the films.

Documentary films made by the documentary filmmakers’ club:

  1. “Is it possible?”
  2. “Our town does not look like other towns”
  3. “My school or unusual exhibition”
  4. “Place under the sun”
  5. “Let’s live with a healthy lifestyle”
  6. “I would like to be with you!”
  7. “I come alone!”
  8. “Let’s live together: let’s learn to live together”
  9. “My town”

10.  “From school-shelter to school”

11.  “It’s better that way”

12.  “When you are going to come here?”

13.   “I am as normal a person as others”

14.  “I don’t want to be different from other children”

15.  “Ricardo and Feodora”

16.  “Today it is not enough”

17.  “I will never forget that day”

18.  “In-ter-view”

19.  “Solution”

20.  “It’s not enough”

21.  “Gashobila”

22.  “Onise”

23.  “I would like to have”

24.  “Toilets in schools”

25.  “Receive the different”

26.  “Time runs faster then time”

27.  “It’s our dream”

28.  Free Choice”

Participation in competitions:

  • The documentary film “Our town does not look like other towns” won grand-prize in the festival of video films: “Gurian Spring 2004”
  • “Let’s live together: let’s learn to live together” won the Guria Regional Film Festival of Students in 2007;
  • The documentary film “I come alone!” won the prize as a best film and special prize: 1000 Gel in the competition organized by the Civil Society Institute in 2008;
  • The documentary film “Ricardo and Fiodora” was announced as best documentary film in the first exhibition forum on the theme of disabled persons, 2009.

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