Raise civil awareness among young adults and self-realization and develop their possibilities as in schools, in local communities as well; popularization of children’s rights.


  1. Development of Gurian students’ self-governments (election, election programs, meeting minutes and recommendations, project development, advocacy and lobbing skills).
  2. Training course:
    1. Functions of students’ self-governments;
    2. Project development;
    3. Advocacy.
  1. There is functioning Guria Regional Parliament of Students;
  2. Since 1996 the organization established the Leadership school for students (Karl Popper debates, journalism,  documentary filmmakers, self-governing and discussion clubs);
  3. There is functioning forum-theatre.

For popularization of children’s rights there are publishing:

  • Newspaper for students “Rvas +1”;
  • TV Discussion programs for students with the rubrics: a. Stereotypes and Progress and b. I Demand a Word!
  • Documentary films _ “For Rights”
  • There are organized presentations and debates;

The students of the Leadership school are involved in advocacy and lobbing process.

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