Donation for food program of the Day Care Center

In the based of the NGO “Young Pedagogues’ Union” there is functioning Day Care Center for socially unprotected children. Unfortunately, the center has problem: because of lack of financial resources there is the problem to feed children…
Since 2 November, 2011 in the Ozurgeti municipality, in the bases of “Young Pedagogues’ Union” there is functioning Consultation-Rehabilitation-Educational Day Center for socially unprotected people. The project is implementing with financial support of International donor organization EED. The Day Center cares for educating, improving social skills and physiological rehabilitation of children. Unfortunately, because of lack of financial resources there is the problem of feeding children (children are in the center from 2 to 5 o’clock every day, so it is necessary to provide one time food). During 4 months “Young Pedagogues’ Union” provided food from its own financial resources but at the moment it becomes impossible. Please, take into account existed situation in the day center and support children of the center to provide one time food (they need 352 GEL per month).

Our bank details:

Account in GEL:
VTB Georgia (Ozurgeti branch)
MFO: 220101643, UGEBGE22,
Receiver: Ozurgeti Young Pedagogues’ Union
Account #: GE46Vთ4300000000053608 GEL

Account in US Dollars:
“VTB Bank Georgia” (Ozurgeti Branch) (USD)
At: “VTB Bank Georgia” (Ozurgeti Branch)
At: CitiBank NA,
New York, USA
ACC: GE46VT4300000000053608 USD
Name: A(a)ip ozurgetis akhalgazrda pedagogta kavshiri

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