Students governments for Gurian schools

Goal: To support the formation of active and effective student governments in 20 Gurian public schools.

The component offers the following services to our partner schools:

  • Consultations and workshops:
    • Preparation for the election process;
    • Organize election campaign;
    • Organize election programs;
    • Organize meeting minutes and develop recommendations.
  • Training course:
    • Functions of student governments;
    • Project development;
    • Advocacy and lobbing campaigns.
  • Micro grants programs:

The goal of the program is to create more active student governments and involve them in school processes.  Within the program, in every stage, we announced competitions for our partner schools and the winning proposals were financed by the “Young Pedagogues’ Union”. In total, 34 proposals were developed by the student governments in our target schools and 19 of them were financed. The total cost of the projects was 3600 Euros, contributions by schools totaled 1608 Gel and the contribution from the local government was 737 Gel.  The micro grants program will continue in the upcoming years

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